School Mission Statement

We will be good students, good friends and good people.


We are excited to celebrate and showcase the scientific inquiry, experimentation, and engineering practices students across our district have engaged in during the 2021-2022 school year. During this live virtual event, we ask that you visit a variety of student projects. 

Check out PS 185 present our Blue Origin Project! 

In collaboration with Blue Origin and the American Geophysical Union (AGU), P.S. 185 will be sending a payload to space! The project will explore how a mass on a spring will react in space as compared to how it acts on land.


Early Drop Off Program will begin on Wednesday, 9/22.

Please return the application with the days you would like your child to attend marked off and a check made payable to PS 185.
Hours: 7:15AM - 8:15AM. $5 per child/per day. Breakfast will not be served during the Early Morning Drop Off Program, but students will have an opportunity to pick up a grab and go breakfast on the way up to class if necessary

Our school will begin to teach your child about Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) during the week of May 9, 2022. The New York State Education Department and the New York City Department of Education have mandated that HIV/AIDS education be provided for all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. This mandate states that HIV/AIDS instruction must be ageappropriate. Lessons focus on developing an understanding of communicable diseases; ways to live a healthy life and how to identify community resources that can help enhance the quality of life. State Regulations require that all students attend lessons on the nature of the disease and methods of transmission. Parents or legal guardians have the right to ask that their child not participate in the lessons dealing with methods of prevention. These lessons are labeled “Prevention.” Parents or legal guardians who do make such a request must file with the principal of their child’s school a written request that the child not receive such instruction, and assure that the pupil will receive such instruction at home. An HIV/AIDS advisory council composed of Panel on Educational Policy members, community representatives, parents, teachers, and supervisors has thoroughly reviewed and approved the curriculum and related materials to be used. The curriculum has also been reviewed and approved by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. If you have any questions regarding this program or would like to review HIV/AIDS curriculum materials


Ps 185 Instagram  

We are excited to announce we have a school Instagram page; Instagram is an excellent and free resource to share photos. We would love to share updates of our school and to celebrate our successes throughout the school year on Instagram. This private Instagram page will give you the opportunity to see what we are doing in PS 185. If you would like to participate and follow, our schools’ exciting learning adventures simply follow @ps185events. If you would like to give permission for us to post photos that might include your child or if you don't give permission please fill out form


We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines . If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site